Spiritual mountain retreat is just that. It’s a beautiful property nestled away in the countryside and owned by an absoloutely incredible and wonderful being who does spiritual guidance counselling. As her work is so much based around energy, the brief for this house was helping to create, endorse, encourage, confirm and lean in to a […]

A brand new entrance was built onto the front of this property to connect the old house with the garage wall! Thereby creating a rectangular structure that was built up to enclose the space and create a brand new entryway. This has created a much better flow upon entering this house as well as providing […]

This bathroom extension was so much fun to work with. It was a brand new build to the back of the property, to include an en-suite for one of the bedrooms but also to add a bath into the house. My clients taste regarding tiles was similar to my own, in that my policy where […]

The Glass Box Extension was designed to build out from the kitchen and living room corner to create a platform from which to view the stunning panoramic view of Dunmanus Bay. We used palladium wrap around doors to open the walls up in floor to ceiling glass. In this gorgeous new front extension, i used […]