Room refresh consultation

Room Makeover

A room makeover consultation can give you all the help you need to get on with your project yourself, should you so wish to do so. Going direct to an Interior Designer for their help with a room upgrade can help you cut out entirely – the stress, the indecision, the endless tester pots, the hesitating, the sleepless nights and the wasted expense on getting it all wrong. These pictures were sent in from my client, after she followed step by step everything i laid out for her to do in the report she received from me after her in-person consultation at her new home. This house had bags of potential but was still slightly hanging on to the last decade – a time when we once all had a red chimney breast and aspired to owning a leather sofa!! My client wanted her living room to be dark and moody and was planning an almost black colour for the walls but we compromised on Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue to give her the atmospheric moody effect she wanted. Instead, she went for grey couches and a black armchair. I gave her the inspo for the accesories including blinds, rug, mirror and side table and she followed it down to a T. No time or expense wasted on this project, very straight forward when you have the know-how to hand and it was delightful to work with her and see her progress. I love seeing my room makeover consultation clients taking action! Swipe throught the gallery images to see all the befores!