Paint, Re-upholstery & Blinds

Paint, Re-upholstery & Blinds, is literally all we did at this property to give an incredible refresh and whole new look. The client didn’t need or want new furniture or a room design as such. This was purely about painting to modernise the home and getting the place looking fresh and up to date after rearing children. I often say to customers – start with the wall colours and painting before going buying a load of stuff trying to make the place look better. Don’t fill your house with clutter, instead look at the structure and bones of it and ask what needs to be done. The transformation you’ll get with colour alone never ceases to amaze me. I myself, painted every room in this house, including the kitchen cupboards! We used Farrow & Ball Oxford Stone in the sitiing room, London Stone in the Kitchen, Joas White on the cabinets and Brinjal on the archway between the 2 rooms and also on the window wall at the end of the sitting room. In the sitting room, we upholstered the existing full suite of furniture and had new roman blinds made. Upstairs in the bedrooms, in one child’s room we used a combo of F&B Inchyra Blue and India Yellow and in another, a combo of Bancha and Ammonite. There were 4 bedrooms in total completed in this house. This makeover was featured in an article i did for Build & Renovate Ireland Magazine.

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