Clove by Neptune Paints

Obsessed is not even the word with what I am with this new colour from Neptune Paints. I am TRANSFIXED by how soft and beautiful it is! It’s by @neptunehomeofficial paints and it’s called #clove It is part of Neptune’s ‘Spice Collection’ and is reminiscent of the rich colouring of dried Autumn leaves 🍂

What I loved about it the first time I saw it, which also happened to be in Neptune’s own description of it! Is that it is a ‘neutral.’ “A neutral that is sultry, dark and impactful.” Now we wouldn’t always refer to a colourful colour as a neutral but I must agree and as I said, it was my own first impression of it when I saw it first used on a kitchen island, is that it has a very earthed, balanced, neutral tone to it and this turns out to be down to its deep brown undertone. 🟤 I think it is just stunning and I can’t wait to use it!! It’s mad cos I was only recently thinking, is purple gone completely? I wonder if and when it will return! And then out of the shadows steps this absolutely stunning shade!!

Neptune have stockists in Limerick, Dublin and the gorgeous @powerscourtcentre
So for those of us down South, we order online. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to come in a 1L tin of satinwood / eggshell which is what I tried to buy. So the smallest size is 2.5L which for wood, you’d get absolutely loads out of! So it looks like I’m gonna be painting anything wooden in my house with this colour for the foreseeable future 😂
Spicy 💜💜💜

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