Clove by Neptune Paints

Obsessed is not even the word with what I am with this new colour from Neptune Paints. I am TRANSFIXED by how soft and beautiful it is! It’s by @neptunehomeofficial paints and it’s called #clove It is part of Neptune’s ‘Spice Collection’ and is reminiscent of the rich colouring of dried Autumn leaves 🍂

What I loved about it the first time I saw it, which also happened to be in Neptune’s own description of it! Is that it is a ‘neutral.’ “A neutral that is sultry, dark and impactful.” Now we wouldn’t always refer to a colourful colour as a neutral but I must agree and as I said, it was my own first impression of it when I saw it first used on a kitchen island, is that it has a very earthed, balanced, neutral tone to it and this turns out to be down to its deep brown undertone. 🟤

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